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Shopping The Georgia vs. TCU Odds For CFP National Championship Betting

SoFi Stadium with logos for the University of Georgia and Texas Christian University

Tonight at 7:30 PM on ESPN, coverage of the 2023 CFP National Championship Game begins, where the Georgia Bulldogs will try and defend their 2022 title against the Horned Frogs of TCU.

For gamblers looking to bet on the College Football Playoff National Championship Game, we advise shopping the NCAAF lines in order to secure the best payout with the friendliest odds on the boards.

The only way to make this happen is to belong to more than one online sportsbook so that you aren’t trapped into betting on a single site’s odds for the big game.

Signing up for an account at any of the online college football sportsbooks that top our rankings doesn’t cost anything, so there’s no reason not to take advantage of the lines that grant you the easiest path to a cash payout.

Here are the current CFP National Championship odds that are on the board right now.

CFP National Championship Point Spread

CFP betting sites are mostly unified when it comes to betting on the Georgia vs. TCU point spread, but BetUS has come through with a half-point differential, favoring the Bulldogs by -12.5 as opposed to the 13 points the other books are offering.

  • Bovada: Georgia -13.0, TCU +13.0
  • BetUS: Georgia -12.5, TCU +12.5
  • MyBookie: Georgia -13.0, TCU +13.0
  • BetOnline: Georgia -13.0, TCU +13.0

Placing a wager at BetUS over the other sportsbooks is only advantageous to those betting on TCU to cover, as a final deficit of 13 points will win instead of resulting in a push.

Moneyline Odds For Georgia vs. TCU

The most routine differentials can be found in the moneyline odds to win when line shopping for the CFP. The major difference is that each point in the moneyline significantly changes the amount that can be won.

  • Bovada: TCU +355, Georgia -450
  • BetUS: TCU +350, Georgia -465
  • MyBookie: TCU +370, Georgia -500
  • BetOnline: TCU +375, Georgia -465

College Football gamblers that want to bet on the University of Georgia to repeat as National Champions should place their wagers at Bovada and their -450 moneyline on the Bulldogs. Up to $0.50 less risk is required in order to earn a dollar on a Georgia win.

TCU bettors that are confident that the Frogs will hoist the CFP Trophy this evening will be best served by laying their action at BetOnline and their +375 odds. A $1 bet on TCU at Bovada will net a $3.75 gain, whereas the same wager will only gain between $3.55 and $3.70 at competing books.

The Over/Under For TCU vs. Georgia

The CFP National Championship over/under only presents a single point of difference across our four top NCAAF betting sites.

  • Bovada: 63.0
  • BetUS: 64.0
  • MyBookie: 63.5
  • BetOnline: 63.5

MyBookie and BetOnline are offering a fractional total that removes the possibility of a push, guaranteeing that all bets will be winners or losers.

If you think that the total combined points between TCU and Georgia will be 64 points or higher, Bovada gives you the most clearance at 63.0, but the bet will also win at MyBookie and BetOnline. If you’re thinking of wagering on the under, BetUS will payout on combined totals of 63.0 or lower.

Source – CBS Sports

CFP National Championship Game Betting Odds – Bovada, BetUS, MyBookie, BetOnline

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