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CFP Betting Preview For The Fiesta And Peach Bowl Semifinals

logos for TCU, Ohio State, Michigan, Georgia, the Peach Bowl, and the Fiesta Bowl in front of the CFP trophy

Four teams will enter the College Football Playoffs tomorrow, and only two teams will remain when the dust settles at the Fiesta Bowl and the Peach Bowl.

We’ve staved off another two-SEC team CFP this year, but the University of Georgia Bulldogs are poised to repeat as national champions and retain the dominant stranglehold that the Southeastern Conference has over the sport of college football.

The best chance of any team remaining to thwart the Bulldogs is the Michigan Wolverines, who have won the Big Ten for the second year in a row. Now, UM head coach Jim Harbaugh intends to cement his legacy with a CFP title.

The Wolverines will face the 3rd-ranked Texas Christian University Horned Frogs at 4:00 PM in the Fiesta Bowl.

TCU (#3) vs. Michigan (#2)

  • Point Spread: TCU +7.5, Michigan -7.5
  • Moneyline: TCU +235, Michigan -285
  • Over/Under: 58.5

TCU is located closer to Glendale, Arizona, but Michigan is an old-school program that travels well and is hungry for a CFP title. Legal college football betting sites are in unison in their belief that the Wolverines are a touchdown favorite against the Horned Frogs and will add another win to their undefeated record on their way to the CFP Championship Game in Los Angeles.

For gamblers that aren’t ready to count out TCU just yet, consider their moneyline odds of +235, which has the potential to reward CFP bettors with $2.35 in gains for every dollar wagered.

Michigan’s rival, the Ohio State Buckeyes, also made it into the College Football Playoffs, and they’ve got their hands full against the number one team in the nation, the Georgia Bulldogs.

The Peach Bowl kicks off at 8:00 PM and will feel very much like a home game for Georgia as it is being played in Atlanta, which isn’t very far from their campus.

Ohio State (#4) vs. Georgia (#1)

  • Point Spread: Ohio State +6.5, Georgia -6.5
  • Moneyline: Ohio State +215, Georgia -260
  • Over/Under: 62.5

Georgia is predicted to win the Peach Bowl and move on to the CFP Final against the winner of the Fiesta Bowl. If somehow Ohio State can defy the projections of CFP betting sites and beat Georgia, there is the potential for an all-Big Ten National Championship Game.

The following NCAAF prop bet sheds doubt on that all Big-Ten prospect, but does list it as the second most likely scenario for January 9th in SoFi Stadium.

CFP National Championship Game Matchup Odds

  • Georgia vs. Michigan -125
  • Michigan vs. Ohio State +300
  • Georgia vs. TCU +350
  • TCU vs. Ohio State +950

The beauty of the above prop is that CFP National Championship sportsbooks will payout if you get the matchup correctly, and doesn’t require picking a winner.

However, there are some serious profits that can be made by calling your shot right now, and here are the options that are currently on the board.

2022-2023 NCAA Championship Game Exact Result

  • Georgia Beats Michigan +140
  • Georgia Beats TCU +450
  • Michigan Beats Georgia +500
  • Ohio State Beats Michigan +650
  • Michigan Beats Ohio State +750
  • Ohio State Beats TCU +1200
  • TCU Beats Georgia +3000
  • TCU Beats Ohio State +3000

There are only eight potential outcomes for January 9th, so pick one and let it ride and cash in big at the end of the game.

Peach Bowl and Fiesta Bowl Betting Odds – Bovada Sportsbook

Source – The Fort Worth Star Telegram

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