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Can You Bet On What The Rock Is Cooking? Betting Odds For CFL XFL Merger Heat Up

XFL CFL merger odds is on the mind of the Rock

Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson is an A-list Hollywood actor, former WWE wrestling superstar, and is part of the current ownership of the XFL, a professional football league that is planning to begin anew for a third time in the spring of 2022.

The first two attempts at jump-starting the XFL failed for different reasons (ineptitude and COVID-19, respectively), and after two tries, prior owner Vince McMahon folded up his tents and filed for bankruptcy.

in 2020, Johnson and a group of investors purchased the league out of bankruptcy and announced a 2022 return date, but rumors have sparked in recent weeks that a meeting is now scheduled to occur between the XFL and the Canadian Football League, and details are sketchy at best.

As a result, online XFL betting sites are now offering odds on whether or not the league will play a game next year, and the outlook is grim.

Will The XFL Play A Game In 2022?

  • Yes +175
  • No -240

The +175 money line offered for an outcome of “no” equates to a 70% chance that the XFL will not play a season in 2022, but despite this low probability, this prop bet does not necessarily indicate a negative turn in the league’s forecast.

Instead of the above betting odds spelling doom for the XFL, they actually indicate the potential for a merger with a Canadian Football League that is currently experiencing financial difficulties due to strict, country-wide, COVID-19 lockdowns.

Pro football sportsbooks that offer odds on the CFL are now supplying prop bets that ask bettors to lay action on whether the potential new league will opt for Canada’s 3-down version of play, or the United States 4-down rules.

What Will Happen If The CFL And XFL Merge In 2021?

  • League Plays 3 Down Football -220
  • League Plays 4 Down Football +165

While there’s been no report of when the discussions will take place or what topics will be on the table, the speculation is that the XFL and CFL would combine to form a single league, with a conference dedicated to each league and country.

Industry experts are predicting that the merger could be worth north of $100 million in annual television contract revenue, and with the potential for a 19-team pro football league that spans nearly the entire North American continent, there is plenty of reason for fans to get excited.

The best legal sports betting sites are offering favorable odds on at least a partial CFL season taking place in 2021, but with a June 10th start date on the calendar, that doesn’t leave much time for the XFL to organize and compete.

Outcome Of 2021 CFL Season?

  • Any Team Plays 18 Regular Season Games -105
  • All Teams Play Between 1 And 17 Regular Season Games -105
  • No Games Played In 2021 Season +255

What once was viewed as a risky investment for Johnson is now offering him the potential to parlay that stake to the tune of exponential profits by partnering up with a league that has been in business since the late 1950s, with roots that date back to 1907.

These 19 teams, should they opt to join together, have a real shot providing a legitimate development league for the NFL, something the market has demanded for decades but has yet to see a viable contender.

The time for that development league could be now, and bettors can earn some extra cash by laying some action on the above odds. Be wary, though, as the Rock is a once-in-a-lifetime talent, and bets against him rarely win.

Betting Odds: Bovada

Source: Toronto Sun

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