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Betting On UFC 292: Can O’Malley Take Sterling’s Title?

promo for UFC 292 featuring Sterling and O'Malley

This Saturday night on ESPN+ pay-per-view, UFC Bantamweight Champion Aljamain Sterling puts his belt up against Sean O’Malley in the Octagon at UFC 292 in Boston, MA’s TD Garden.

Sterling vs. O’Malley betting lines and MMA props have turned up at legal online UFC sportsbooks, with the odds strongly suggesting that the champion will hold on to his strap.

UFC 292 Main Event Betting Line

Aljamain Sterling vs. Sean O’Malley

  • Sterling -260, -265, -260
  • O’Malley +210, +215, +220
  • (,,

The two combatants have never faced each other. Despite this unknown quantity, the UFC 292 odds imply that Sterling has a roughly 72% chance of winning this Saturday.

What’s intriguing about this matchup is the size differential. O’Malley stands a full four inches taller than Sterling, yet only holds a 1″ edge in arm and leg reach. Sean is also six years younger than Sterling, as the following tale of the tape reveals.

Sterling vs. O’Malley Tale Of The Tape

  Aljamain Sterling (Champion) Sean O’Malley
Record 23-3-0 16-1-0
Height 5’7” 5’11”
Weight 134 Lbs. 135.5 Lbs.
Reach 71” 72”
Leg Reach 39” 40”
Age 34 28
Victories By Knockout 3 11
Victories By Submission 8 1


The combination of martial arts practices should create for an exciting battle. O’Malley is a knockout specialist, with eleven of his sixteen wins coming via KOs. Aljamain is more of a submission specialist, but has secured most of his wins via decision.

As noted in the betting line above, there are some variances that players can take advantage of by line shopping for the best sporstbook payouts.

Bets on Sterling should be made at Bovada or BetOnline, where wagers of $2.60 on his -260 odds to win will garner payouts of $3.60 if he beats O’Malley.

If you want to bet on Sean to win, BetOnline sportsbook is paying out the most at +220. A $1 bet on O’Malley’s odds to to win will earn cash winnings of $3.20.

With only one blemish on O’Malley’s record and so many victories coming via KO, we’re liking his underdog UFC odds and believe he could be poised for the upset.

UFC 292 Prop Bets For O’Malley vs. Sterling

MMA prop bets are not only a fun opportunity to earn some extra cash while watching UFC PPVs, but they can also aid in predicting how and when the fight will end.

O’Malley vs. Sterling Odds For Method of Victory

  • Aljamain Sterling Wins By Decision Or Technical Decision +155
  • Aljamain Sterling Wins Inside Distance +165
  • Sean O’Malley Wins Inside Distance +315
  • Sean O’Malley Wins By Decision Or Technical Decision +700
  • Draw Or Technical Draw +8000

Most of Sterling’s win have gone the distance, and that’s the most favored outcome for the UFC 292 main event. The next UFC prop favors a different outcome where the fight ends within rounds one and five.

Will The Sterling O’Malley Fight Go The Distance

  • Yes +150
  • No -200

Other betting odds on the board imply that the most likely round that the fight will end is the first. If you want ot bet on UFC 292, be sure to lay some action between now and Saturday at one of the many fine MMA gambling sites included in our online sportsbook reviews.


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