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Betting On TikTok Odds For A Ban Or A Sale In 2024

a TikTok logo over the US House of Representatives chamber

Tomorrow, the US Senate will be informed regarding the potential threats that TikTok poses to national security. This development follows last week’s passage of a bill in the US House that will force either the sale of TikTok or a ban on its use in the United States.

If the Senate passes the bill and it is signed into law, the current owner, ByteDance, will be forced to sell the social media app or abandon the American market. With ByteDance being based in China, the government could potentially force them to turn over the private data of TikTok members in the US.

There has been no breach thus far. The move is merely precautionary and will likely force a sale despite the company’s significant financial investment in protecting user data.

Naturally, with over 170 million users in this country, there is heavy opposition to the bill. Many US Congresspersons are members of the social media application and use it often.

Legal online entertainment sportsbooks are offering TikTok odds for whether the app will be banned by April or June.

Will Congress Pass A Bill Banning TikTok By April 30, 2024?

  • Yes +185, -105
  • No -280, -135
  • Bovada/BetUS

Will TikTok Be Banned In The US By June 30, 2024?

  • Yes +500
  • No -900
  • Bovada

Both entertainment prop bets favor an outcome in which TikTok remains online stateside, but each sportsbook varies in its degree of confidence. Meta, owner of Facebook, is leading the odds of purchasing TikTok.

Who Will Buy TikTok In 2024

  • Meta +190, +175
  • Microsoft +250, +225
  • Oracle +400, +450
  • Amazon +600, +600
  • Alphabet +700, +700
  • Snap +1100, +1000
  • Steve Mnuchin/Liberty Strategic Capital +2000, +1800
  • Reddit +4500, +4000
  • Universal Music Group +4500, +5000
  • Walmart +4500, +5000
  • Spotify +4500, +4500
  • X (Twitter) +5000, +3500
  • Apple +5000, +5000
  • Berkshire Hathaway +5000, +5000
  • Pinterest +5000, +5000
  • eBay +5000, +5000
  • Nvidia +5000, +5500
  • Bovada/BetUS

Since more than one online sportsbook is offering TikTok betting odds right now, gamblers can shop the lines for the best payout. For example, if you believe Mark Zuckerberg and Meta will buy TikTok, you should place your bets at Bovada.

The reason? Betting on Meta at Bovada will payout at $0.15 better per dollar. If you think the tech giant Oracle will emerge as the victor, you can earn an extra $0.50 on the dollar by placing your bet at BetUS.

This is why we often suggest becoming a member of multiple online sportsbooks. In fact, there is never a time when gamblers should restrict themselves to a single sportsbook.

These TikTok prop bets exemplify the variance available on obscure subjects, so imagine the options offered for NFL gambling or other major professional sports. There will be times when only one book has a particular entertainment prop, but it always pays to look around before committing to a bet.


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