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Betting On The Match VIII: NFL vs. NBA Showdown As Chiefs Battle Warriors

The Match 8 Promo featuring Patrick Mahomes Travis Kelce Steph Curry and Klay Thompson

As June crosses into July each year, professional and college sports enter a period of rest where fans can plan vacations and build excitement toward their favorite team’s next campaign.

During this sporting dry season, the pro ball players themselves have time to relax and pursue other endeavors. One such venture is The Match, a series of pro-athlete and pro-golfer-led events that is now in its eighth incarnation.

The Match 8 has excised the pro golfers and has paired up two members from the same NBA and NFL teams to compete against each other in a 12-hole scramble.

A scramble in golf involves two-man teams where each player hits a tee shot. The team then decides which shot they like better, and the ball from the unselected shot will be placed next to the chosen ball.

Klay Thompson and Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors will play against Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs. Celebrity golf betting sites have placed the team of Curry and Thompson as a heavy favorite for tonight’s match.

The Match 8 Odds To Win

  • Steph Curry / Klay Thompson -375
  • Patrick Mahomes / Travis Kelce +260

Both Mahomes and Curry have participated in The Match before. In June of 2022, Mahomes and his partner, Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen, lost to then-Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady by one hole at The Match VI.

Back in November of 2020, Steph Curry and Peyton Manning lost to Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady in The Match II.

Is Klay Thompson bringing some serious game to the golf course tonight, or is Travis Kelce a lousy player? The odds for betting on golf are suggesting one or the other because Mahomes and Curry seem to have comparable games based on their prior performances in The Match.

There are several golf prop bets posted that give gamblers an opportunity to wager on just about any outcome that can occur during the 12-hole scramble.

There is also the opportunity to request a custom golf prop at Bovada, and if they like it enough, they’ll add it to the boards for others to take action on.

Here is the list of The Match specials that Bovada.LV has compiled thus far.

The Match 8 x NBA & NFL Specials

  • Chiefs Win The Match 8/Chiefs Make Playoffs 2024 +400
  • Chiefs Win The Match 8/Chiefs Defeat Detroit Lions @ Ford Field +400
  • Chiefs Win The Match 8/Chiefs (-7) vs. Detroit Lions @ Ford Field +600
  • Warriors Win The Match 8/Warriors Win Western Conference 2024 +700
  • Warriors Win The Match 8/Warriors Win 2024 NBA Championship +1400
  • Chiefs (The Match 8) /Chiefs Win AFC 2024 +1400
  • Warriors Win The Match 8/Curry Wins NBA MVP 2024 +2000
  • Chiefs Win The Match 8/Chiefs Win Super Bowl LVIII +2500
  • Chiefs Win The Match 8/Mahomes Wins NFL MVP 2024 +2500

Before betting on the Chiefs or Warriors 2024 results in combination with The Match odds, keep in mind that many of these specials will not pay out until between next February and June.

The Match 8 begins tonight at 6:30 PM on TNT.


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