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Betting On The Golden Bachelorette Precedes Bachelor Season 28 Finale

A promo for The Golden Bachelorette featuring Cher, Meryl Streep, Diana Ross, and Diane Keaton

The season 28 finale of The Bachelor is scheduled to air on March 25th, and only Daisy, Rachel, Kelsey A., and Maria remain in the contestant pool for Joey Graziadei to choose from.

This would normally be a prime opportunity for entertainment sportsbooks to post Bachelor odds for the final four, but prop bets are non-existent when scanning the betting boards.

Episodes of The Bachelor are recorded well ahead of their respective broadcast dates, with only the season finale airing live. The gap between filming the regular season and the finale is several weeks, if not months long.

This leaves plenty of time for potential bettors to cruise the social media accounts of “The Bachelor” and his castmates to gain information on which direction he’s leaning regarding his final decision.

However, there’s not a complete absence of Bachelor prop bets online, as odds are taking wagers right now at two of our favorite sportsbooks on a quartet of potential Golden Bachelorette leads for the upcoming season.

The following entertainment prop bets are asking whether Diane Keaton, Cher, Diana Ross, or Meryl Streep will become The Golden Bachelorette.

Will Diane Keaton, Meryl Streep, Cher, or Diana Ross be the Golden Bachelorette?

  • Yes +1200
  • @BetUS

Will Diane Keaton, Cher, Diana Ross, or Meryl Streep become the Golden Bachelorette?

  • Yes +1200
  • @BetOnline

These Golden Bachelorette odds are posted at BetUS and BetOnline, but the moneylines are identical at each venue (+1200). If any of the four mentioned celebrities becomes the Golden Bachelorette, bets will pay at a 12-to-1 ratio.

Neither prop bet features an option to wager on “no.”

But why are these four ladies attracting the attention of online sportsbooks? The first season of The Golden Bachelor aired last fall and was an incredibly popular addition to the series lineup.

Based on ABC’s recent confirmation, fans are already anticipating the upcoming season, and an announcement is expected on an upcoming “Tell All” episode of The Bachelor.

A few names were dropped as potentials on The Drew Barrymore Show, including Meryl Streep (separated), Diane Keaton (single), and Sharon Stone (divorced), but this was mere speculation by the host and her guest.

Still, it was enough for two of these celebrities to appear in the latest Bachelor futures, but there’s no telling as to why Cher and Diana Ross are in the discussion despite their current age and single status.

Legally betting on the Bachelor can only occur when accessing an offshore sportsbook site in the United States. Domestic sportsbooks are not forbidden by law from posting odds on reality television shows like The Bachelor; they choose not to collectively.

Placing a legal bet on The Bachelor and its family of shows can be done at the online sportsbooks we recommend.


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