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Bet On The Amazing Race Props For Season 35 Winners

Greg and John Franklin of The Amazing Race 35
  • The Amazing Race Season 35 Airs Wednesdays At 8 PM On CBS
  • Only Four Teams Remain In The Amazing Race 35
  • Greg And John Franklin Are Favored In The Amazing Race Odds To Win

Season 35 of The Amazing Race is now down to the final four teams competing for the $1 million grand prize. Fans of the show can also earn a cash prize by risking some of their own money at The Amazing Race betting sites.

Of course, you can only win if you pick the correct team that comes in first on the final leg of The Amazing Race 35. Currently, John and Greg Franklin are leading The Amazing Race odds with a 200-point advantage over Joel Strasser and Garret Smith.

Strasser and Smith have a legitimate shot of winning season 35, however. Their odds are basically 50/50, and will payout roughly dollar-for-dollar if they are the first the make it to host Phil Kheoghan at the end of the final stage.

The Amazing Race 35 Futures

  • Greg and John Franklin -300
  • Joel Strasser and Garrett Smith EVEN
  • Rob and Corey McArthur +600
  • Steve Cargile and Anna Leigh Wilson +1200
  • *BetOnline

Right now is the optimum time for betting on The Amazing Race because there are two sportsbooks that have posted prop bets for the winners. This leaves room for gamblers to line shop for the best sportsbook payouts.

The Amazing Race 35 Odds To Win

  • Greg & John Franklin -300
  • Joel Strasser & Garrett Smith -105
  • Rob & Corey McArthur +400
  • Steve Cargile & Anna Leigh Wilson +1200
  • *BetUS

When multiple legal entertainment sportsbook sites provide betting odds for an event, players have the opportunity to become members of each book and wager on the odds that will provide the most money.

Savvy observers will notice that The Amazing Race props feature moneyline odds that are similar, if not identical, for most teams.

The largest gap on the board that can be exploited is presented by the odds for Rob and Corey McArthur. A hefty payday is being offered at both online sportsbooks, but gamblers can earn an extra $2 per dollar wagered by laying their action at BetOnline.

This scenario is not exclusive to The Amazing Race betting. Shopping the odds can be done for anything that betting lines are created for, and is the number one pro tip we offer to gamblers just getting started.

Another piece of advice we often give is to resist the urge to bet on massive underdogs. Steve Cargile and Anna Leigh Wilson are bringing up the rear in the betting odds, but they’re still alive and have a chance to win.

Still, their prior performance indicates a minuscule chance of winning The Amazing Race, and bets made on that prospect will payout at 12-to-1 at both betting sites.

There’s been no official announcement for the date of The Amazing Race finale for season 35, but we estimate that it will air on December 20th.


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