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Bet On MrBeast Odds To Reach 100 Million YouTube Subscribers By 2023

image for MrBeast betting odds to reach one million subscribers on youtube
  • The Betting Odds Favor Over 100 Million YouTube Subscribers For MrBeast By 1/1/23
  • MrBeast Currently Has 97.8 Million Subscribers On YouTube

If you’ve never heard of the popular YouTube content creator, MrBeast, you are part of a shrinking minority that has yet to experience the good-natured fun or witness the doling out of millions of dollars to unsuspecting people just going about their business in the streets or while streaming online.

Whether he is selling lots full of cars for $1 each or recreating each and every set from Squid Game and giving the winner a large stack of cash, MrBeast’s YouTube videos are captivating to audiences of all ages and also inspiring due to the potential to win lots of money and the numerous charitable acts that are a major component of MrBeast’s content.

At the moment, MrBeast has 97.8 million subscribers on YouTube. If you have not already, subscribe to his channel via the link at the bottom of this article because he often invites contestants onto his online game shows from his pool of followers.

Entertainment betting sites have featured prop bets in the past asking whether or not MrBeast will eclipse one million subscribers. Currently, Bovada.LV has the following MrBeast betting line asking the same question, and the odds heavily favor an outcome where he easily surpasses 100 million subscribers.

Will MrBeast Have 100 Million+ YouTube Subscribers By January 1, 2023?

  • Yes -1600
  • No +700

While entertainment prop bets, and betting odds in general, are mostly impacted by the wagering activity of the gambling public, lines are also incredibly accurate in regard to predicting outcomes.

That said, MrBeast’s odds of -1600 intrinsically convert to a 94% of breaking the 100 million subscriber mark on his YouTube channel before New Years’ Day of 2023.

At present, Bovada has a deadline set for July 12, 2022, at 2:00 PM for laying some action on the above MrBeast betting odds. That may or may not mean that the line will be removed at that time, but for entertainment gamblers that want to get in on these odds, don’t hesitate.

MrBeast is not just limiting himself to YouTube and other social media platforms. He has also become a restauranteur with his chain of MrBeast Burger franchises that are popping up all over the United States.

These pickup and delivery-only burger restaurants operate as ghost kitchens that are housed in pre-existing businesses and feature menu items that are exclusive to MrBeast Burger, complete with its own branding.

There are burgers named after each of the main cast members of MrBeast and the quality is exceptional, often much better than the fare offered by the restaurant that is hosting the ghost kitchen.

Between his weekly online content, the MrBeast Burgers chain, and online sportsbooks like Bovada.LV offering betting lines on his activity, it is easy to forecast an outcome where he adds another 3+ million subscribers to his ranks at YouTube within the next 5 months.

The only question is when that threshold will be crossed, and whether or not online entertainment gamblers have placed a wager on the correct side of the odds for current events betting.

MrBeast Betting Odds Provided By Bovada Sportsbook

Source: MrBeast YouTube Channel, MrBeast Burger Official Website

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