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2023 NFL Pro Bowl Betting Returns With Flag Football Odds

a 2023 NFL Pro Bowl logo over two boys playing flag football

The 2023 Pro Bowl once again tries to reinvent itself. This year, top NFL players are taking off their pads and partaking in a game of flag football to settle the score.

What score? No one is sure. The league continues to pump effort into the Pro Bowl despite it being an intrigue vacuum.  There seems to be no solution to generating interest in the National Football League’s version of an All-Star Game – until now.

A few lines for betting on the Pro Bowl have appeared at a couple of our favorite online NFL sportsbooks. Is there any reason to get excited? Here’s our take.

The 2023 Pro Bowl – Flag Football Betting?

Before we get into the NFL betting lines offered for the Pro Bowl, we need to know exactly what the league has cooked up this year. Now referred to as the Pro Bowl Games, here is what is included on Sunday’s broadcast.

Best Catch Finals

The initial portion of the Best Catch competition was completed yesterday. The Finals will occur around 3:00 PM in Las Vegas’ Allegiant Stadium, but there are no betting odds on the boards for it right now. The winning receiver will accumulate the most style points from a panel of judges.

Gridiron Gauntlet

The Pro Bowl Gridiron Gauntlet features groupings of four players from the AFC and NFC participating in a relay race. This gauntlet includes athletic endeavors that must be accomplished before moving on.

Bovada has offered up the following NFL moneyline odds on the Gridiron Gauntlet.

NFL Pro Bowl Games: Gridiron Gauntlet

  • AFC -105
  • NFC -135

Move The Chains

This Pro Bowl Move The Chains competition involves two teams of 5 players trying to be the first to pull a weighted wall 10 yards. Once again, the NFC has been given the edge at Bovada, suggesting that the National Football Conference generally possesses better athletes than the AFC.

NFL Pro Bowl Games: Move The Chains

  • AFC -105
  • NFC -135

Kick Tac Doe

The league’s best punters, deep snappers, and kickers partake in a game of Tic Tac Toe using their legs and accuracy. The following NFL prop bet favors the AFC to be the first to complete three Xs or Os in a row.

NFL Pro Bowl Games: Kick Tac Toe

  • AFC -135
  • NFC -105

The 2023 Pro Bowl Flag Football Games

Once the skills competitions conclude, three 7-on-7 flag football games will go down between this year’s Pro Bowl selections and replacement players who have declined to participate.

Bovada has provided no favorites for betting on the 2023 Pro Bowl, with the AFC and NFC each granted a -120 moneyline in all three flag football games.

NFL Pro Bowl Flag Football Game #1

  • AFC -120
  • NFC -120

NFL Pro Bowl Flag Football Game #2

  • AFC -120
  • NFC -120

NFL Pro Bowl Flag Football Game #3

  • AFC -120
  • NFC -120

MyBookie is the only other online NFL betting site where we’ve found Pro Bowl lines. Also included is an exclusive Pro Bowl over/under.

NFL Pro Bowl Odds – NFC vs. AFC

  • Moneyline: NFC -140, AFC +100
  • Over/Under: 60.5

What’s strange is there is no notation as to which game they are taking action on. Keep checking back, as we expect a notation to be added to MyBookie’s Pro Bowl odds.

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