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World Cup Soccer Odds Favor Brazil, Argentina In Tonight’s South American Qualifying Rounds

Brazil Soccer Team posing for a photo

Tonight begins another round of the South American World Cup Soccer Qualifiers round-robin tournament, which pits the ten members of the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) against each other for a chance to earn one of five tickets to the 2022 FIFA World Cup Tournament in Qatar.

Professional soccer leagues, such as the Premier League, and Bundesliga, will take breaks in their schedule to make room for World Cup qualifying so that the sport’s top athletes can participate.

World Cup odds have been posted at soccer betting sites for each of tonight’s five games, as they fight to maintain their top spot in the standings, or battle to climb the rankings.

The top four teams will earn a spot to the World Cup in 2022, with a fifth ticket being awarded to the team that is the best of the rest – similar to a wild card spot in American professional sports.

Qualifying matches will be ongoing through March of 2022, but Brazil has already taken a comfortable lead in the CONMEBOL standings. A win tonight against Uruguay and they can almost assure themselves of a 2020 World Cup Tournament berth.

CONMEBOL Standings Record
Brazil 3-0-0
Argentina 2-0-1
Ecuador 2-1-0
Uruguay 2-1-0
Paraguay 1-0-2
Chile 1-1-1
Columbia 1-1-1
Peru 0-2-1
Venezuela 0-3-0
Bolivia 0-3-0


Uruguay is no slouch, though, as they have only suffered one loss thus far in the qualifying process and are only a half-goal underdog to Brazil.

Uruguay vs. Brazil

  • Point Spread: Brazil -0.5
  • Money Line: Uruguay +295, Brazil +100, Draw +500
  • Over/Under: 2

Betting odds for World Cup Soccer provided by BetOnline Sportsbook.

Bets placed on Uruguay’s money line odds of +295 will be rewarded $2.95 for every $1 risked if they can overcome the soccer betting odds and defeat Brazil this evening. Underdog moneyline odds are some of the most enticing in sports betting, and for good reason.

Positive money line odds are profitable and attract gullible bettors, but they do payout from time to time. Brazil’s money line odds are even money at +100, so bettors can double their wager without paying any vigorish to the sportsbook.

Ecuador vs. Columbia

  • Point Spread: EVEN
  • Money Line: Ecuador +193, Columbia +147, Draw +220
  • Over/Under: 2.5

Ecuador and Columbia provide the second most intrigue, as they are evenly matched and the result has the potential to provide the most significant shift in the CONMEBOL standings.

A win by Ecuador can solidify their World Cup odds of appearing, but a win by Columbia will propel than back into contention, potentially securing them the number five spot by the end of the evening.

Columbia is slightly favored in the money line odds, but the point spread is a pick ‘em, suggesting that it is anyone’s match to win.

Here are the remaining World Cup Qualifying Round odds for tonight’s games. Viewing options in the USA are sparse, but the games can be seen across the following streaming platforms: FITE, GOLTV Play, ESPN Deportes

Venezuela vs. Chile

  • Point Spread: Chile -0.5
  • Money Line: Venezuela +235, Chile +111, Draw +230
  • Over/Under: 2.5

Paraguay vs. Bolivia

  • Point Spread: Paraguay -1.5
  • Money Line: Paraguay -400, Bolivia +950, Draw +500
  • Over/Under: 3

Peru vs. Argentina

  • Point Spread: Argentina -0.5
  • Money Line: Peru +390, Argentina -139, Draw +265
  • Over/Under: 3

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