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Veterans Day Gives Rare Opportunity To Thank A Soldier For The American Way

Veterans Day Parade

It’s easy to lose perspective of how good we’ve got it in the United States. Sure, there’s a clear divide among political ideologies right now, but that’s part of what make’s this county so great. We each have the right to be divided and to express that opinion without fear of legal penalty.

The many blessings that we have as a nation can be directly attributed to the efforts of a member of the armed services. Without military strength, these lands would not have been acquired, nor could they have been fortified and protected for 244 years.

Memorial Day is dedicated to the memory of soldiers that paid the ultimate price and lost their lives while serving in the United States military.

While we can’t personally thank them for their sacrifice, we can give pause and honor their service and take time to appreciate what they’ve provided for us at least one day a year.

Veterans Day honors all current and former members of the armed forces. If you know someone who has served the United States military, you have the unique opportunity to thank them for their tenure and the blessings that are provided by what they have done and are currently doing.

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The country will celebrate its Sestercentennial in 2026. 250 years is a long time, and with a little bit of luck, and the help of the exceptional men and women who are brave enough to adorn a military uniform and defend our country, we’ll be around for 250 more.

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