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Vermont Sports Betting Apps Set To Launch Jan 2024  

Vermont Sportsbook coming soon

VermontVermont Governor Phil Scott will likely sign H.127, a domestic sports betting bill, into law after the general assembly recently passed a law allowing sportsbooks to operate within state lines. Last month the state senate agreed to several revisions in the bill that will authorize two to six apps to operate online within the state.

If signed, the bill will make Vermont the 38th state to pass sports betting laws since the repeal of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) in 2018. Vermont sportsbooks will fill out the map in the northeast, and the closest state without domestic sports betting laws will be South Carolina. 

When Will Sportsbooks Apps Go Live in Vermont?

The great thing about H.127 is that it outlines a timeline of events to when sportsbook apps will launch in the state. According to the timetable, operators can submit their intentions to obtain a license in July 2023, and apps are set to go live in January 2024. Below is the timeline of events stated in H.127.

  • July: DLL issues requests for proposals to potential operators
  • August: Operators bid for licenses.
  • September: DLL evaluates and selects bids.
  • October-December: DLL negotiates and executes contracts.
  • January 2024: First apps go live.

Are Offshore Sportsbooks Legal In Vermont?

According to federal gambling laws, there is no crime in betting on sports with offshore sportsbooks. While the US government does try to curb online gambling in general, they have yet to pass federal legislation outlawing the industry.

Online sports betting sites have been operating in Vermont and other states since the early 2000s and, in many instances, have become the best option for gamblers. 

What Sportsbooks Are Expected To Obtain A License In Vermont?

No domestic sports betting corporations have proposed their intentions to obtain a license in Vermont as of June 2023. However, several are expected to inquire in July. Vermont has no casinos; therefore, sports betting licenses will go to popular sportsbooks already operating in other US states. 

According to, professional gambling (casino, sports, poker) is illegal in the state. Due to their current legal status, both casinos and sportsbooks have strayed away from the state, but that will soon change for sportsbooks if the Governor signs H.127.

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