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UFC 286: Betting On Edwards vs. Usman 3

Kamaru Usman and Leon Edwards facing off prior to UFC 286

Back in 2015, Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman’s first fight was awarded to Usman via the judge’s scorecard.

Their second match in UFC 278 ended in the final minute of round 5 when Edwards landed one of the most vicious front-face kicks in recent memory. Edwards had been down on points and won the bout via the kick.

Leon Edwards is the current UFC Welterweight Champion, a class for combatants weighing between 156 and 170 pounds. Usman is the number 1 welterweight contender in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Here is the tale of the tape comparing the two fighters who will face off in the Octagon in this Saturday’s main event.


Edwards vs. Usman Tale Of The Tape

Leon Edwards Kamaru Usman
Record 20-3 20-2
Height 6’0” 6’0”
Weight 170 Lbs. 170 Lbs.
Reach 74” 76”
Leg Reach 43” 41”
Age 31 35
Knockouts 7 9
Submissions 3 1


Legal UFC betting sites have posted Edwards vs. Usman 3 odds, with all of our preferred books forecasting a new champion on Saturday.

Edwards vs. Usman 3 Betting Odds

A vital element of betting on UFC fights is belonging to more than one sportsbook. Would you buy a vehicle at the very first car lot you ever visited in your life? Of course not.


  • Leon Edwards +193
  • Kamaru Usman -240

That same logic applies to shopping the betting odds to secure the best sportsbook payouts. For reference, we’ve provided the UFC 286 odds for Usman vs. Edwards 3 from three of our most visited online sportsbooks.


  • Leon Edwards +185
  • Kamaru Usman -235

While each of them predicts the same result – Usman winning – the moneyline odds will deliver different payouts depending on where you place your wager.


  • Leon Edwards +195
  • Kamaru Usman -230

If you intend to bet on Leon Edwards to retain his title at UFC 286, the most profitable odds are posted at BetOnline at +195. A $100 bet on Edwards at BetOnline will net gains of $195, where the same wager will result in profits of $2 to $10 less if placed elsewhere.

BetOnline also has the most forgiving odds for Usman at the moment with -230. While it will take a bet of $2.30 to net a dollar, you’ll have to wager more than that for the same dollar at other sites.

How Will The Fight End?

The venues included in our online sportsbook reviews also provide UFC prop bets that determine the round the fight will end and the method of victory.

While there are no MMA props on the boards for the fight at the moment, their history suggests that Usman winning on points is the most likely outcome.

Each of their first two fights appeared poised to be decided by the judges, but the second bout ended in the final minute of regulation with a surprise knockout. Unless lightning strikes twice, expect Usman to win via decision.

How To Watch UFC 286

If you would like to purchase UFC 286, the pay-per-view is available for $79.99 on ESPN+. Please note that a separate ESPN+ subscription is required to buy UFC 286. The main card begins at 10 PM, with prelim matches starting at 3 PM on ESPN.

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