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Twitter Beef Prompts Stephen A. Smith vs. Terrell Owens Odds

Terrell Owens and Stephen A. Smith in front of a boxing ring

In the spectrum of entertainment betting, odds can be created for anything that bookmakers dream up. This theory definitely holds true when considering the following betting line that’s been created for a potential celebrity boxing match between NFL Hall of Fame member Terrell Owens and the host of ESPN’s First Take, Stephen A. Smith.

Stephen A. Smith vs. Terrell Owens Odds

  • Terrell Owens -300
  • Stephen A. Smith +200

What has prompted the above line for celebrity boxing betting is a Twitter beef between TO and Smith regarding the departure of First Take co-host Max Kellerman in 2021.

Two years have gone by since Kellerman’s tenure with First Take ended, yet Smith decided to weigh in once again on the situation in a recent interview appearance on the Joe Budden Podcast.

Smith’s comments served to renew online discussions regarding Kellerman and First Take. They also promoted the following response from TO on Twitter (sorry, Elon Musk, we’ll be sticking with the original name of the platform going forth).

These fired shots from Owens on Twitter were acknowledged by Smith, and he dedicated an entire thirty-minute video in response on his YouTube channel.

In Smith’s rebuttal, he speaks on a lawsuit that was brought against him by Owens that eventually went nowhere. Smith also suggests that he has files on TO that, if exposed, would reveal the true nature of the former NFL wide receiver’s character.

Owens didn’t back off and instead doubled down, daring Smith to unleash the dirt.

Others have jumped into the fight on both sides. Former NFL defensive end and host of “Never Shut Up” Marcellus Wiley has worked with Max Kellerman in the past and gives an alternate perspective than Smith on the entire situation with First Take.

Regardless of which side you’re on in this TO vs. Stephen A. Smith quarrel, there are betting odds on the board for a celebrity boxing match. Will this fight ever happen? Probably not, but online sportsbooks will be forced to honor your wager should the bout occur and you win.

Smart money says that Owens would be the victor over Smith in any physical encounter, as he has the height, weight, age, and strength advantage.


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