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Trump Prop Bets Suggest A Fine And Probation After 34 Guilty Counts In New York

a black and white image of Donald Trump after being found guilty in hush money case
  • Donald Trump Has Been Found Guilty On All 34 Counts In The NY Hush Money Trial
  • Trump Can Still Run For President In 2024
  • The Sentencing Hearing Is Scheduled For July 11th

After nearly two days of deliberation, the jury in Trump’s hush money case in New York returned a guilty verdict on all 34 counts. This designates Donald Trump as the first former or existing President to be found guilty of a felony.

Every time Donald moves, a new precedent is set in the political arena. Will this latest setback derail his chances for the White House in 2024, or will his expertise in deflection come to his rescue once again?

The odds at online political sportsbooks and the prices at prediction websites suggest that Trump still holds the best chance of any candidate and winning the Presidency this November.

He holds a 40-point lead over President Biden at election betting sites and is $0.04 ahead of Joe according to current prediction analysis.

Now that Trump is a convicted felon, he must now face the sentencing process. A hearing has been scheduled for July 11th where Donald will learn what punishment the judge will hand down.

Political prop bets have been created assessing what type of sentence Trump will receive. White-collar crimes are notorious for receiving a slap on the wrist, often including hours of community service.

This prop asks what job he’ll have to perform, but the odds imply community service will not be a part of his sentence.

What Type Of Community Service Will Donald Trump Be Sentenced To?

  • No Community Service In The Sentence -250
  • Helping People To Register To Vote +700
  • Picking Up Trash +800
  • Homeless Shelter +1000
  • Animal Shelter +1200
  • Medical Centre +1200
  • Immigration Centre +1500
  • Delivering Food To The Elderly +2000
  • Dementia Charity +2500
  • Removing Graffiti +3000
  • Helping Retired Adult Film Actresses +5000
  • Work For The Clinton Foundation +10000

This next set of odds allows wagers to be made on each type of punishment handed down as part of Trump’s sentencing. A hefty fine and probation are certain, with a solid chance of community service.

Home confinement and any jail time are unlikely.

What Will Trump’s Sentence Be For The Hush Money Case?

  • Fine -5000
  • Probation -1500
  • Community Service +175
  • Home Confinement +400
  • Incarceration (To Begin Immediately Following Court Session) +600
  • Electronic Tag +2500

For bets on this Trump prop to payout, the sentencing must occur in 2024. Also, these outcomes are not mutually exclusive, as cash winnings can be earned for any successful sentence handed out.

Donald’s legal team is expected to promptly file for an appeal, but there are also props on the boards for indictment betting on Trump’s remaining active cases. The odds indicate more guilty verdicts for the former President, but he will likely stave off those proceedings until after this November.

That means Americans have a real solid chance of a sitting President facing numerous felony charges in the very near future. There is nothing in the US Constitution that forbids a convicted felon from running for office.

The only prerequisites are that the candidate must be a 35-year-old, natural-born citizen of the United States and has held residency for at least 14 years.

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