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Odds For Betting On The Next NBA Media Deal Favor NBC Over TNT

Michael Jordan holding an NBC logo in one hand and a TNT logo in the other

As the NBA Playoffs near their conclusion for 2024, the bulk of the league’s media rights could soon be transferred to a new host. After four decades of coverage by Warner Brothers-Discovery networks, the National Basketball Association is prepared to take its talents to NBCUniversal.

An offer has been made by NBC and its broadcast partners that Warner Brothers has the option to counter. NBA betting sites have created basketball props asking how much the next deal will be worth and which company will ink the deal.

How Much Money Will The Next NBA Media Deal Be Worth?

  • Over $2.5 Billion -300
  • Under $2.5 Billion +200

The above NBA prop bet has set the over/under at $2,500,000,000 in US dollars, which matches the current offer on the table from NBC. The odds suggest that Warner Bros. will counter, as the over is taking action on a 1-to-3 basis.

Which Company Will The NBA Sign Their Next Media Deal With?

  • NBC Universal -125
  • Warner Brothers Discovery +125
  • Any Other Company +500

While NBC is the current favorite to become the official home of the NBA once the current deal is up, Warner is still in the running. Both media giants have odds that are near even, and league officials are keeping quiet on which one has the inside edge.

Amazon and Disney are also rumored to have secured the broadcast rights to air unique packages of games. An announcement is expected regarding the full coverage of regular and postseason games once contracts are in place with all rightsholders.

All current media partnerships with the league conclude after the 2024-25 season.

What About Inside The NBA?

Many are wondering what will happen to Inside the NBA and its current hosts if NBC acquires the media rights. Fans have grown accustomed to the analysis of Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’Neal, Ernie Johnson Jr., and Kenny Anderson. Any move that alters the lineup or cancels the show will not be received well.

“We’re never gonna lose Charles [Barkley] and Kenny [Anderson]… They’re always going to be covering the NBA… I can’t imagine those guys won’t be performing and announcing together in the future, and we all love them.”

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver

Notably absent from the commissioner’s comments is any mention of Ernie Johnson Jr., who is contracted with TNT and will remain there if the NBA coverage moves elsewhere.

Johnson would remain onboard for March Madness coverage and commentary for Major League Baseball games.


*Any action taken on the above referenced NBA props will be rendered void if made after the public announcement of a media deal. 

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