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Bet On MrBeast Odds For Beast Games, His New Amazon Prime Game Show

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MrBeast has built a social media empire while remaining relatively anonymous to anyone over 40 in the United States. He has over 250 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel, is approaching 30 million followers on Twitter/X, and is now producing a game show that will drop soon on Amazon Prime.

How soon? Entertainment gambling sites have created prop bets asking when the debut of his new show, Beast Games, will be.

Date Of MrBeast’s Gameshow Debut On Prime Video

  • Before 1st September 2024 -120 -125
  • After 1st September 2024 -110 -115

The lines narrowly favor the debut occurring before September 1st, just in time for the fall lineup of network television shows and the onset of the college football and NFL seasons.

Two sets of odds are offered for each outcome because multiple sportsbooks are accepting MrBeast bets. BetOnline’s odds are in red, and BetUS’s are in blue. The presence of differing odds gives gamblers the advantage here.

Line shopping for a better payout is only possible by holding an account with more than one sportsbook. While the margins are narrow, every penny counts – especially when placing a high-dollar wager.

All outcomes feature negative moneylines, suggesting that both sportsbooks lack confidence in either side of the over/under.

What Is Beast Games?

Beast Games is a reality competition series where the winner will be awarded $5 million. Promos are boasting that it will be the highest prize ever awarded on a game show.

The series will begin with 1,000 contestants, and according to entertainment prop bets, the first episode will drop on Amazon Prime around September 1, 2024.

“My goal is to make the greatest show possible… Amazon gave me the creative control I need to try and make it happen.”


How Many Twitter Followers Will MrBeast Have By July 2024

  • Over 33,000,000.5 Twitter Followers -120 -120
  • Under 33,000,000.5 Twitter Followers -110 -120

MrBeast has 29.3 million followers on Twitter/X, a number that will certainly grow once Beast Games debuts. However, his new show won’t begin until the fall, and this prop is asking where his follower count will be at 12:01 AM this July 1st.

Propositions narrowly favor that count being under 33 million when the clock strikes midnight on June 30th.

How Many YouTube Subscribers Will MrBeast Have By July 2024

  • Over 253.5 Million Subs -120 -130
  • Under 253.5 Million Subs -110 -110

Over 253 million accounts now follow MrBeast’s YouTube channel. That total could eclipse the above over/under before the end of the week, so expect this MrBeast prop to get pulled down soon.


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