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Bet On Hunter Biden’s Gun Trial Results – Odds Suggest At Least 1 Guilty Count

a close up of Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden, the son of the current President, is wrapped up in an oddball federal trial where he is charged with lying on a form when purchasing firearms. Biden allegedly used drugs heavily during 2018 and 2019, and prosecutors intend to prove that he lied on his form when he indicated that he was drug-free.

The prosecution is painting a picture where Biden was addicted to crack cocaine following the death of his brother. The defense has specifically focused on the days surrounding the purchase of the gun and deflecting any notion that Biden was using drugs at that particular time.

What hurts Biden’s chances the most are two damning texts in the days following the purchase where he states he has met up with a dealer and is actively smoking crack.

Hunter has opted out of testifying on his own behalf, so the defense should rest at some point later today. Any change to that legal strategy could lengthen the proceedings into later this week.

Whether or not Biden is found guilty on any counts is considered a toss-up, depending on which expert you’re listening to. Online political sportsbooks have weighed in and are taking action on a few different Hunter Biden prop bets regarding his trial.

Will Hunter Biden Be Found Guilty On Any Count?

  • Yes -200
  • No +150


This first prop is offering $0.50 per dollar wagered on Biden being found guilty on at least one count levied against him. Those odds convert to a 66% likelihood of occurring, which is not good news for the President’s son and legal team.

Despite the solid chance of guilt in the above forecast, the following two political prop bets place a lot of doubt on whether Biden will serve time behind bars.

Will Hunter Biden Serve Jail Time Before 2025?

  • Yes +800
  • No [offline]


Both of these props offer moneylines that project certainty that Biden will not be placed in jail before December 31, 2024, but there is a gap in the odds that will allow players to shop the lines to earn a higher payout.

BetUS has not offered odds for an outcome of “no” regarding Hunter getting incarcerated by year’s end, but gamblers can earn $4 more per dollar wagered on an outcome of “yes” by doing business with BetOnlineAG.

Hunter Biden to Serve Jail Time Before 2025?

  • No -5000
  • Yes +1200


The executive power that the Oval Office provides includes the ability to offer a Presidential pardon to someone who has been convicted of a federal crime. The proposition asks if President Biden will pardon his son, which also assumes there will be a reason to offer a pardon.

We say this because if Hunter is found not guilty, all wagers on this prop will be considered a loss.

Will Hunter Biden Be Pardoned By Joe Biden In His First Term As President?

  • Yes +400
  • No -650



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