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NHL Playoffs Betting Preview: Boston Bruins Top The Stanley Cup Futures

2023 Boston Bruins celebrating

The Boston Bruins have been on a historic tear during the 2022-23 NHL season, setting new all-time records for marks that have stood for decades.

Boston has set the record for most regular season wins at 64 and has a chance to extend that record this Thursday when they face the Montreal Canadiens. The former record holders were the Detroit Red Wings (1976) and the Tampa Bay Lightning (2019), each with 62 wins.

It is also worth noting that the Lightning and the Red Wings were unable to win the Stanley Cup during their respective 62-win campaigns.

The Bruins have also set a new mark for season points at 133, breaking a record that has stood since the Canadiens earned 132 in 1977.

With these new standards being considered, it should come as no surprise that Boston stands atop the Stanley Cup futures at online NHL Playoff sportsbooks.

2023 Stanley Cup Winner

  • Boston Bruins +300
  • Colorado Avalanche +650
  • Edmonton Oilers +800
  • Toronto Maple Leafs +900
  • New York Rangers +1000
  • Carolina Hurricanes +1100
  • New Jersey Devils +1200
  • Dallas Stars +1400
  • Tampa Bay Lightning +1400
  • Vegas Golden Knights +1400
  • Los Angeles Kings +2200
  • Minnesota Wild +2200
  • Winnipeg Jets +2800
  • Florida Panthers +3300
  • Seattle Kraken +3300
  • New York Islanders +5000
  • Pittsburgh Penguins +5000

They’re separated from their nearest competitor, the Colorado Avalanche, by 350 points in the moneyline odds to win. The Avalanche are favored to win the Western Conference and eventually succumb to the Bruins in the Stanley Cup Finals.

All NHL Playoff spots have been clinched in the Eastern Conference, save for one Wild Card that is still up for grabs. The New York Islanders and Pittsburgh Penguins are the only teams in contention for that final playoff berth,

Tomorrow at 7:00 PM, the Penguins travel to face the Columbus Blue Jackets, a team they’ll be able to beat. The Islanders will host the Canadiens at 7:00 PM tonight, and NHL betting sites place New York as a 1.5-goal favorite.

Montreal Canadiens @ New York Islanders

  • Puck Spread: Montreal +1.5, New York -1.5
  • Moneuline: Montreal +290, New York -380
  • Over/Under: 5.5

If the Islanders take care of business and beat the Canadiens, they’ll secure the last spot in the East. If not, they leave the door open for Pittsburgh to become the last Wild Card team with a win.

In the Western Conference, all playoff berths have been secured. The Seattle Kraken have qualified as a Wild Card in only their second season as a franchise.

Although the Edmonton Oilers are unlikely to win the Pacific Division according to the NHL odds, they are favored to reach the Western Finals with futures that rank just under the Avalanche.

The time to bet on Stanley Cup odds may be right now, as the odds to win are paying at no lower than 3-to-1. Payouts will not occur until the Finals wrap up in early June, but the odds will lower as the NFL Playoffs progress. Call your shot now and win big.

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