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First Week Of June Primaries Skews Odds For Political Betting Lines

Midterm Election Primary Results Are In And We're Helping You With Your Legal Political Bets

The Midterm Primary results for June 7th are officially in. And if you placed your political prop bets early enough, you might just find some weekend lunch money added to your sportsbook account. 

Incumbency Advantage Proves True

Fortunately, it is still very early in the election season and there is an incredible variety of Midterm betting lines for players to choose from. With the results of past primaries on hand, you can be sure of your wager. Take a look at Tuesday’s winners in the table below:

State Primary Winners For State Executive Roles
California Gubernatorial Race: (D) Gavin Newsom*, (R) Brian Dahle
Iowa Gubernatorial Race: (R) Kim Reynolds*, (D) Deidre DeJear, (L) Rick Stewart
Lieutenant Governor: (L) Marco Battaglia
Attorney General Race: (D) Thomas John Miller*, (R) Brenna Bird
Secretary of State Race: (R) Paul Pate*, (D) Joel Miller
New Mexico Gubernatorial Race: (D) Michelle Lujan Grisham*, (R) Mark Ronchetti
Lieutenant Governor Race: (D) Howie Morales*, (R) Anthony Thornton
Attorney General Race: (D) Raul Torrez, (R) Jeremy Gay
Secretary of State Race: (D) Maggie Toulouse Oliver*, (R) Audrey Mendonca-Trujillo
South Dakota Gubernatorial Race: (R) Kristi L. Noem*, (D) Jamie Smith, (L) Tracey Quint
Lieutenant Governor: (L) Ashley Strand
Attorney General: (R) Marty J. Jackley
Secretary of State: (L) Kurt Evans

Most of those who came out victorious in Tuesday’s primaries were near-guarantees. Governor incumbents in all four of the above states secured slots on their respective ballots for November. 

Voter Turnout Stirs Concerns

Even so, many states have run into issues with voter turnout. In California, for example, only 3.5 million ballots have been counted in this year’s primaries. The figure is shocking, given that the state is home to 22 million registered voters.

And while the state usually continues its count through mid-July, some already fear that this year’s primaries could break California’s record for low turnout. 

With the divisive temperament of American politics, this will be something to consider for future state and congressional wagers. Voter apathy is growing. But who will that hurt most?

Next week, we’ve got elections in four key legal sports betting states: Maine, Nevada, North Dakota, and South Carolina. 

Betting On Next Week’s Primaries

Voters in all of these will cast their ballots on June 14th. However, much of the focus will be on South Carolina as the GOP tests the weight of Trump-approved endorsements. BetOnline has odds on the race for US House District 1. The line is as follows: 

SC-01 US House Republican Primary 

  • Nancy Mace -500
  • Katie Arrington +300
  • Lynz Piper-Loomis +10000

Incumbent Nancy Mace takes the lead in this race. However, projected runner-up Katie Arrington managed to secure backing from former Governor Nikki Haley. This could complicate things for Mace if voter turnout surpasses that of prior years. 

In 2020, Mace won the seat with only 48,411 votes in her favor. For reference, the South Carolina US Senate seat was won that same year with 317,512. 

Early voting has already started in the state. Nonetheless, the line remains very active. For more information on getting started with a sportsbook that supports legal political betting, head over to our ribbon and get clicking!

We’ve got everything you need from reviews to how-to’s and everything in between. 

Source: Cal Matters, South Carolina Election Commission

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