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Betting On Tyson Fury vs. Oleksandr Usyk’s May 18 Mega-Fight

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With each passing season, another boxing legend seems to place their legacy at risk with an unnecessary fight. Tyson Fury is the defacto heavyweight champion of the world and has yet to suffer a loss.

On October 28, 2023, Fury fought MMA’er Francis Ngannou, winning by a split decision after 10 rounds. Fury suffered a knockdown in the fight, and many argue that Francis should have been awarded the win.

Ngannou is known as a skilled striker. Otherwise, the bout could have been considered celebrity boxing. Still, Ngannou should have been no match for a 35-year-old Fury. Francis Ngannou’s follow-up fight was an embarrassing knockout loss to Anthony Joshua in the second round.

Was Fury simply unprepared and treating his last bout as an exhibition, or has his dominant reign as the best heavyweight boxer alive come to an end?

All of our favorite boxing betting sites have posted Fury vs. Usyk match lines. The following set of Tyson Fury vs. Oleksandr Usyk odds are presented in black for Bovada, red for BetOnline, and blue for BetUS.

Tyson Fury vs. Oleksandr Usyk Betting Line

  • Tyson Fury -115 -115 -115
  • Oleksandr Usyk -105 -105 -115

The above odds don’t look good for Fury as both fighters have odds that are in the negative. While Usyk is a slight underdog, current boxing betting lines suggest this fight is a pick’em.

There is no real room to shop the odds for the best payout if you intend to wager on Fury to win. You can risk $0.10 less per dollar earned if you bet on Usyk at Bovada or BetOnline instead of BetUS.

Oleksandr Usyk is a perfect 17-0 in a boxing ring. Two of his last three wins have been against Anthony Joshua, the guy who cleaned Ngannou’s clock last March.

Usyk is 6″3′, giving up 6 inches to the gigantic Fury, who also outreaches him by 7 inches. Tyson should be able to stick to his discipline and bomb away on Usyk, but lesser fighters have found a way through Fury’s defenses in recent fights.

Age shouldn’t be a factor for Fury, as he is nearly two years younger than Usyk and has over 50 more rounds of in-ring boxing experience.

There are too many round betting options to list, but from the odds presented, we can garner the following information:

  • The fight is projected to last at least 11 rounds
  • The winner will be awarded via decision
  • If Fury wins by KO, it will most likely happen between rounds 7 and 10
  • A Usyk knockout win will most likely occur between rounds 7 and 10
  • The decision is expected to be unanimous, suggesting a clearcut winner
  • One knockdown is projected for the entire fight


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