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2023-24 NHL Betting Preview: Hurricanes And Avalanche Favored To Make The Finals

Carolina Hurricanes, Colorado Avalanche, and NHL logos over a hockey rink

The Vegas Golden Knights enter the 2023-24 NHL season as the reigning Stanley Cup Champions. After beginning operations in 2017, they’ve already made it to two Stanley Cup Finals and have hung a championship banner at T-Mobile Arena.

Legal NHL betting sites have unleashed their Stanley Cup futures for the 2024 champions, but Vegas is not projected to win the Western Conference.

In fact, the Golden Knights are coming in third in the west behind the Edmonton Oilers and Colorado Avalanche.

Odds to Win the 2024 Eastern Conference Odds to Win the 2024 Western Conference
  • Carolina Hurricanes +400
  • New Jersey Devils +600
  • Toronto Maple Leafs +600
  • Boston Bruins +800
  • New York Rangers +800
  • Florida Panthers +900
  • Tampa Bay Lightning +1100
  • Pittsburgh Penguins +1200
  • Buffalo Sabres +1800
  • Ottawa Senators +1800
  • New York Islanders +2500
  • Detroit Red Wings +3300
  • Washington Capitals +3300
  • Columbus Blue Jackets +6600
  • Montreal Canadiens +8000
  • Philadelphia Flyers +8000
  • Colorado Avalanche +350
  • Edmonton Oilers +375
  • Vegas Golden Knights +575
  • Dallas Stars +650
  • Los Angeles Kings +1000
  • Minnesota Wild +1100
  • Calgary Flames +1200
  • Seattle Kraken +1400
  • Vancouver Canucks +2500
  • Nashville Predators +2800
  • Winnipeg Jets +3300
  • St Louis Blues +4000
  • Arizona Coyotes +6600
  • Chicago Blackhawks +8000
  • San Jose Sharks +8000
  • Anaheim Ducks +10000

The Florida Panthers lost to the Golden Knights in last season’s Stanley Cup Finals in five games. Much like Vegas, Florida is not ranked at the top of the Eastern Conference futures.

The Panthers find themselves ranked sixth overall in the East. The Carolina Hurricanes are favored to win the Eastern Conference Championship and face the Avalanche in the Finals.

As for the overall Stanley Cup futures, both Carolina and Colorado are tied for the lead. Each of them possesses +900 odds to win the 2024 Stanley Cup and will payout at 9-to-1 on the dollar if wagers are placed today.

Vegas and Florida place sixth and ninth in the preseason NHL futures, respectively.

The NHL season officially begins tomorrow with a slate of three games. There are NHL betting lines on the boards taking action on all three contests right now. The lines are as follows:

Nashville Predators at Tampa Bay Lightning

  • Puck Spread: Predators +1.0, Lightning -1.0
  • Moneyline Odds To Win: Predators +140, Lightning -165
  • Over/Under: 6.5

Chicago Blackhawks at Pittsburgh Penguins

  • Puck Spread: Blackhawks +1.5, Penguins -1.5
  • Moneyline Odds To Win: Blackhawks +200, Penguins -240
  • Over/Under: 6.5

Seattle Kraken at Vegas Golden Knights

  • Puck Spread: Kraken +1.0, Golden Knights -1.0
  • Moneyline Odds To Win: Kraken +145, Golden Knights -170
  • Over/Under: 6.0

If you want to bet on any of the NHL odds posted here, you can do so at the sites listed among our online sportsbook reviews. The hockey odds vary from site to site so shop around at each one of them and find the best lines for your betting dollar.


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