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Betting On President Biden’s State Of The Union Address

President Biden delivering a State of the Union in black and white

Tonight at 9 p.m., President Joe Biden will deliver what will likely be the final State of the Union Address of his first term. This address will be spoken to a nation now presented with the GOP and DNC Presidential candidates that will go head-to-head on the campaign trail between now and November 5th.

Biden must convince Americans that his current mental state makes him fit for another four years in office. For Donald Trump, legal troubles and support from Republican holdouts seem to be all that is standing in the way of recapturing the White House.

The SOTU gives Biden a captive audience, with coverage on most major news and broadcast networks. Online election betting sites are suggesting that the State of the Union will last between 65 and 69 minutes.

His Address from last February lasted 1 hour and 13 minutes. The official time of the speech will be from the first to the last word spoken.

Odds For Length Of SOTU Address

  • Over 65 Minutes -115
  • 65 Minutes Or Under -115
  • Bovada

Length of Biden Address Odds

  • Over 69.5 Minutes -120
  • Under 69.5 Minutes -120
  • BetOnline

There are also political prop bets that imply that roughly 35 million people will tune in to hear what President Biden has to say. Just under 28 million viewers watched Biden’s 2023 address, but with campaign season heating up, more Americans are projected to listen to his speech tonight.

SOTU Viewership Odds – How many will watch Biden’s address?

  • Over 35 Million-115
  • Under 35 Million-115
  • Bovada

The over/under for erroneous “facts” mentioned by Biden tonight is set at 11.5 tall tales. The determining body of truth for this Biden prop will be the Washington Post, so factor that in before finalizing any wagers.

Number of ‘Non-Facts’

  • Over 11.5 Non-facts -120
  • Under 11.5 Non-facts -120
  • BetOnline

Could Joe Cool lose his edge and fire off a few shots regarding Trump’s age and mental sharpness? These two Trump prop bets favor a more reserved critique offered forth by Biden, but there is some big money on the line if the President decides to hit below the belt.

Biden SOTU: To mention Trump’s cognitive ability?

  • No -400
  • Yes +250
  • BetOnline

Biden SOTU: To Refer to Own or Trump’s Age?

  • No -700
  • Yes +400
  • BetOnline

This set of SOTU odds will deliver cash payouts on any successful occurrence, and more than one outcome can win. Many center around Biden’s potential for an age-related slip-up.

Biden SOTU: Will Any of These Happen?

  • To directly mention ‘Trump’ +200
  • To misname a foreign leader or country +300
  • To say either ‘senile’ or ‘dementia’ +300
  • To directly mention ‘Obama’ +400
  • To have a five-second ‘brain freeze’ +1000
  • To confuse Trump with Obama +1400
  • To confuse Nikki Haley with anyone else +2000
  • BetOnline

Players have between now and 9 p.m. tonight to bet on these State of the Union Address odds, as they are not likely to remain on the boards after the first word is spoken.


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