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Golden Bachelor Betting: Will Glenn Pick Leslie Or Theresa?

Glenn, Leslie and Theresa of the Golden Bachelor

The finale for the debut season of The Golden Bachelor will air on Thursday, November 30th, and the contestants have already been narrowed down to the final two.

Props for betting on The Bachelor are already online and taking action for the finale, asking which potential romantic partner Glenn will choose. The remaining potentials for Glenn to select from are Leslie Fhima and Theresa Nist.

The Golden Bachelor is the fourth incarnation of the show in the United States, focusing on an older demographic for the first time in the franchise’s history. Glenn is a 72-year-old widower and retired restaurant owner who is seeking his final love interest to ride out into the sunset with.

Sources suggest that Glenn has already made up his mind regarding who he will choose in 13 days.

Leslie Fhima is a 64-year-old fitness instructor and holds the best odds of being given the final rose by Glenn. However, the amount of money you can make by betting on Leslie to win depends on which entertainment sportsbook you choose to lay your action with.

Golden Bachelor Odds For Final Pick

  • Leslie EVEN
  • Theresa +190

We always advise our readers to shop the odds for the best payout anytime they place a bet, no matter if it is sports, entertainment, or politics. To illustrate this point, we’ve included two Golden Bachelor prop bets for comparison.

The above Bachelor odds have been provided by BetOnline AG, which is offering even money on Leslie winning Golden Bachelor. If Glenn gives Lelsie the final rose, Bachelor bets are paying out dollar for dollar at BetOnline Sportsbook.

Entertainment prop bets for the Golden Bachelor are also posted at BetUS, but one-dollar wagers on Leslie will only reward $0.90 in profits.

The Golden Bachelor Odds For Gerry’s Final Pick

  • Leslie -110
  • Theresa +150

Theresa Nist is a 70-year-old who works in the financial services industry. While she and Glenn have undoubtedly created a connection, she enters the Golden Bachelor finale as a slight underdog.

At both online sportsbooks, Theresa trails Leslie in the moneyline odds, but she still holds a respectable chance of winning. Theresa’s odds intrinsically translate to between a 34% and 40% chance of success.

Once again, BetOnline is offering a higher payout on Theresa’s Golden Bachelor odds. Players can earn an extra $0.40 per dollar wagered on Theresa at BetOnline, a situation that can only be exploited by becoming members of both online sportsbooks.

Bachelor bets can be placed right now on both finalists, but these odds will likely remain on the boards until November 30th, when the last episode of The Golden Bachelor airs on ABC and Hulu.


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