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A New Legal Alabama Sports Betting Bill Is Now Being Debated

Alabama welcome sign asking if sports betting is coming soon

Alabama is a dry gambling state, largely due to historic conservative leadership and the attitudes of the citizenry. However, as states where sports betting is legal add to their numbers, AL becomes a part of a smaller minority.

That issue is exacerbated by the presence of legal sports betting states connected to their borders except Georgia to the east. It won’t be long before Georgia joins the growing list of domestic sports betting states, as their local professional franchises have teamed up to lobby the legislature.

Players in Alabama can drive into Florida, Mississippi, or Tennessee and enjoy their legal sportsbooks.

MS requires a visit to a local sportsbook to place a wager, but in FL and TN, Alabamians merely need to cross the state line and pull over on the side of the road to bet on sports. This is because both Florida and Tennessee permit mobile sports betting apps that can be downloaded and used on any modern Apple or Android device.

When people who live in Alabama travel elsewhere to bet on sports, gamble, or play the lottery, the dollars spent there benefit local governments and their constituents.

“We’re not making anything on the lottery, and we’re surrounded by lotteries now,”

Representative Steve Clouse, a supporter of both bills

This is a scenario that has forced most states to consider legalizing sportsbooks, even when lawmakers have had staunch opposition to the notion in the past.

Legal sports betting in Alabama has now hit a critical mass. House Representative Chris Blackshear has introduced HB 151 and HB 253 to the Alabama state legislature, two bills that will legalize sports betting, a state lottery system, and casino gambling.

What Is In House Bill 151?

HB 151 sets forth a ballot initiative-based state constitutional amendment, which is required to allow for a change in Alabama’s gambling laws. If passed, the initiative will be placed on November 2024 ballots in Alabama and must receive over 50% of the vote to become law.

The Alabama legislature is expected to debate House Bill 151 today.

What Is In House Bill 152?

HB 152 is a massive piece of legislation that spells out the regulatory guidelines for Alabama sports betting, lottery, and casinos. Here is what is in store for the Cotton State if HB 152 passes and the public weighs in favorably.

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Both bills need at least 63 votes to pass, and politicians seem poised to place this effort on the fast track.


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