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Legally Betting On American Idol Season 22

Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan next to an American Idol logo
  • American Idol Airs Sunday Nights At 8 PM On ABC
  • Odds For Betting On American Idol Suggest Winner Is A Female Aged 15-20

The 22nd season of American Idol is underway on ABC, and viewers are already anticipating the fourth episode, which will air this Sunday at 8 PM. The judges are taking in the auditions now, and there have already been some standout performances.

During episode three, Kyra Waits sang the song “Up to the Mountain” by Patty Griffin. The rendition floored Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryant and can be seen in the following YouTube clip.

What makes Kyra’s journey even more special is that she has been attempting to make it to the audition rounds of American Idol for over five years. Her hard work has paid off, as she’ll be “going to Hollywood” to become a part of the main American Idol cast for season 22.

For players looking to bet on American Idol, there are a series of props available online taking action on season winners. American Idol odds are rare at any juncture of a given season, so lines being posted so early is a good sign that futures featuring each contestant will be forthcoming.

BetUS and BetOnline are the two entertainment sportsbooks we rely on for American Idol betting odds. They routinely produce prop bets once the contestant field has been chosen, but this year, they’ve created odds for American Idol winners after only two episodes have aired.

Age Of Winner

  • 15-20 +160
  • 21-25 +180
  • 26+ +210
  • BetOnline


  • 15-20 +150
  • 21-25 +175
  • 26+ +200
  • BetUS

American Idol prop bets suggest that the winner of season 22 will be between the ages of 15 and 20 years old. That’s the typical age of performers trying to break into the business, so those moneylines make sense.

An American Idol winner between the ages of 21 and 25 is also nearly as likely according to the odds. A 26 or older winner will double your money if you place a bet now.

Sex Of Winner

  • Female -120
  • Male -110
  • BetOnline


  • Male -115
  • Female -125
  • BetUS

Idol props are also being offered for the gender of the ultimate winner. Probabilities narrowly favor a female winner, but neither outcome will payout at the same amount as the wager.

The season finale of American Idol season 22 will air on May 19th or May 26th if the timeline plays out like the past few series. These dates are extra important if you’ll be wagering on any of these entertainment prop bets, as none of them will cash in until after then.


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