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Betting On America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League Odds For Winning Judges And Disciplines

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A brand new version of an old favorite has debuted on NBC, as America’s Got Talent is now airing their Fantasy League variant that switches up the method of competition.

The entire panel of AGT judges has been ported over to take part in Fantasy League. Host Terry Crews also returns to round out the on-air personalities for America’s Got Talent.

Former winners, fan favorites, finalists, and memorable acts have been invited back to compete on America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League. Each judge will mentor ten acts.

The Golden Buzzer is also in play this season, allowing judges to save an act or steal an act from another judge’s roster.

Odds for legally betting on America’s Got Talent have been produced at two leading online sportsbooks – BetOnline AG and BetUS.

America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League Odds For Winning Judge

  • Simon Cowell +200
  • Howie Mandel +200
  • Heidi Klum +250
  • Mel B. +300

AGT Odds For Winning Judge

  • Simon +200
  • Howie +220
  • Heidi +250
  • Mel B +350

This first set of America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League prop bets allow wagers on the winning judge for this season. Simon Cowell and Howie Mandell are the top odds-getters as of today, but all four judges are neck-and-neck from a betting perspective.

Online entertainment sportsbooks will pay out differently, so it is beneficial to shop around before finalizing your betting decision. Simon may have the same AGT odds to win at both sites, but you can earn an extra $20 per $100 risked by laying your action on Howie Mandell at BetOnline instead of BetUS.

There’s no telling as to when a particular book will offer moneylines that deliver higher profits. Each oddsmaker has their own formula for coming up with AGT betting lines. It is up to the gambler to apply their own logic and decide who the winning judge will be and which odds to wager on.

Two more entertainment prop bets for AGT are posted for the discipline of the winning contestant.

America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League Odds For Winning Discipline

  • Singing +200
  • Act With Animal +225
  • Dancing +350
  • Comedian +400
  • Magician +450
  • Ventriloquist +500
  • Spoken Word +800

AGT Odds For Winning Discipline

  • Singing +210
  • Act With Animal +250
  • Dancing +400
  • Comedian +500
  • Ventriloquist +500
  • Magician +550
  • Spoken Word +800

Once again, there’s plenty of variance between the two sets of America’s Got Talent betting odds. We also advise making haste for those who intend on betting on AGT: Fantasy League.

We’re frankly surprised to see these odds offered at two competing books because betting lines for AGT have been scarce in the past. Also, if you bet now, keep in mind that payouts cannot be collected until after the America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League finale.


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