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Betting On 2024: Win Big On Stock Market Futures, Swift-Kelce Odds, And More

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With the New Year only three days old, it is never too early for online sportsbooks to create props for events that will occur before New Year’s Eve. One of our favorite entertainment betting sites, BetOnline AG, has posted a 2024 prop bet that will deliver sizable profits on any correct picks.

Betting On 2024 Events To Occur

  • DOW to hit record high -1000
    • The Dow Jones index reached its all-time high on December 15, 2023, topping out at $37,715.04. Yesterday, the market closed at $36,689.54, which is less than $1,000 under the ATH. Because a new top mark is all but inevitable, BetOnline is only paying out 1/10th of what you risk if the wager is a winner.
  • Gold to hit record high -200
  • Global average temperature record high -100
  • The Bear to win Best Comedy Emmy +165
  • Kanye West to file for divorce +200
  • Scottie Scheffler to be Top 5 in The Masters +300
  • Swift & Kelce to split up +300
  • Meghan & Harry to lose their titles +300
    • The saga of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry continues into the new year, as their estranged relationship with King Charles doesn’t appear to be getting any better. You can bet on the British Royal Family and a potential split with Harry and Meghan and earn 3x in profits if you’re correct. The max bet of $25 will win $75 if Harry and Meghan lose their royal titles in 2024.
  • Bitcoin (BTC) to hit $55,000 +400
  • To be a new President +400
  • Swift & Kelce to get engaged +500
  • Adele & Rich Paul to announce pregnancy +500
  • Yoko Ono to release a single +600
  • Willie Nelson to release a song +600
  • Dylan Mulvaney to marry +600
  • The Russia-Ukraine war ends +600
  • Porn site to Top 3 most visited +600
  • Global EV sales hit 10 million +600
  • Tiger Woods to be Top 10 in any Major +800
  • Sean Diddy Combs to be convicted +800
    • Sean “Puffy” Combs is no stranger to accusations, but none have stuck thus far. The latest rumors attach Diddy to the murder of Tupac Shakur in 1996 following the arrest of Keefy D, who was allegedly in the car that the gunshots came from. Despite an outpouring of amateur investigative reports on social media, no charges have been filed against Combs yet. Max bets of $25 will earn $200 if Puffy is convicted of any crime before December 31st.
  • Adele & Rich Paul to marry +800
  • Ethereum (ETH) to beat previous all-time high +800
  • Hajime Sorayama to sue Beyonce +800
  • Jennifer Aniston & Jon Hamm to be a couple +800
  • Vladimir Putin is no longer the Russian President +1000
  • Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes to marry +1000
  • Global population hits 8.2 billion +1000
  • Tom Brady to play an NFL game +1200
    • Tom Brady retired following the 2022-23 NFL season, but there’s always a franchise out there in need of a solid quarterback. Despite Brady’s advanced age (he’ll be 47 when the 2024-25 season begins), there is still a slim chance that he will play again. Gamblers who wager the maximum of $21 will pocket a cool $252 if he suits up this fall.
  • Beyonce & Jay-z to split up +1200
  • National Treasure 3 to be released +1200
  • TIME to stop offering printed magazines +1200
  • Tucker Carlson to leave the US +1200
  • The Israel-Hammas war ends +1200
  • The Grinch 2 to be released +1400
  • Dollar & GBP Sterling to share the same value +1400
  • Humans walk on the moon +1600
  • USA Today to stop offering printed newspaper +2000
  • New King in the UK +2000
  • Oceans 14 to be released +2000
  • SpaceX to launch ship to the moon +2000
  • Bud Light to re-brand +2500
  • Winner to drop Oscar statue on stage +2500
  • Clooney & Amal to split +3300
  • The US government creates its own cryptocurrency +3300
  • Donald Trump to go to prison +5000
    • Online political sportsbooks have been predicting the legal demise of former President Donald Trump dating back to the initial charges brought up against him in 2023. Currently, the Trump odds suggest that he will be found guilty on at least one count in his cases in New York, Georgia, and at the federal level. While at least one guilty verdict seems imminent, there is very little chance that he will see jail time. The maximum bet of $5 on this outcome will result in a payout of $250 if Trump goes to jail in 2024.
  • China to declare war on the US +10000
  • Gemini surpasses Chat GPT userbase +10000
  • Alien attack on Earth +25000


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